Lauren Rakes

Lauren is a graduate of Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, where she received her Masters degree in Medical and Biological Illustration in May 2018. She earned her BFA in Scientific and Preparatory Medical Illustration at Virginia Commonwealth University after discovering the specialization in her freshman year and realizing that she could combine her love of science and art. While studying at Hopkins, she had the pleasure of learning under accomplished medical illustrators and working as a team with physicians, scientists, and her fellow classmates. Her artwork has been recognized at the 2017 annual Association of Medical Illustrators meeting, where she earned an Award of Excellence in the student salon for her illustration, "M1 and M2 Branches of the Middle Cerebral Artery." She was honored to have been awarded The Vesalius Trust's top research scholarship, the 2018 Alan Cole Award, on her Master's thesis project proposal: "Creating an Interactive Algorithm for Improved Management of Difficult Airways in Micrognathic and Retrognathic Infants." Her project aims to educate pediatric anesthesiologists and otolaryngologists so they are better prepared to intubate newborns with underdeveloped mandibles.

Lauren currently works as a technical artist for Osso VR, where she helps develop virtual reality surgical experiences. 

Her goal as a medical illustrator is to create compelling visuals that illuminate the beauty and richness of science and to inspire others to keep learning and discovering.